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【TRiNiDAD】 Arm supporter Plain

$29.00 AUD

Reducing the swing of the muscle during a play even for a long time.  

Reduce the fatigue of the arms or elbows with tighting by the supporter. 

Prevents ' Darts Elbow' caused by the throwing for a long time.  

The unslippery process is done inside the upper arm part.  

' Darts Elbow' -- The elobow hurts by throwing a long time like in an event or tournament.  

[material] 92% polyester (milk fiber), 8% spandex 
                   Gentle to your skin, great in heat retating and water absortion.  

( Precautions )  
For those who with allergy or sensitive skin, please do not use it as it may cause some health problem.  
If you ever feel something wrong, please stop using immediately.  
Using it for a long time may cause the blood problem or skin problem.  
Sweat or Friction may cause the color fading or passing,  

* Each product may differ in size slightly. Please kindly note.  

・XS: Wrist 13cm, upper arm circumference 20cm, 34cm in length 
・ S: Wrist 14cm, upper arm circumference 22cm, 36cm in length 
・ M: Wrist 15cm, upper arm circumference 24cm, 38cm in length 
・ L: Wrist 16cm, upper arm circumference 25cm, 39cm in length 
・XL: Wrist 17cm, upper arm circumference 26cm, 40cm in length 
・2XL: Wrist 19cm, upper arm circumference 28cm, 42cm in length 
・3XL: Wrist 21cm, upper arm circumference 30cm, 43cm in length 
・4XL: Wrist 23cm, upper arm circumference 32cm, 43cm in length