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【TRiNiDAD】PRO Camacho 2BA Joji Nishitani player model

$105.00 AUD
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■Product specifications
Specifications data
Set weight
Max dia
: 90% tungsten
: Approx 24.0 g
: 22.5 g
: 42.0mm
: 8.0mm
: 2BA
・CONDOR flight×1set(three)
■Product explanation
2017.11.11 release product

A torpedo barrel of the most weight is born during all TRiNiDAD barrel series.

Give taper slightly behind from the center of gravity of the center, and is the taper of 22.5 g
As can push a center of gravity, power is easy to come shoot with the growth.

The three-dimensional block-formed cut which also put 20 vertical cuts in the ring cut,
It becomes the good slipper of keeping away from hand and plays a role as the exquisite assistance when I push you with taper.

In addition, confirmation is possible whether the central hollow is not out of a grip position in the stomach of the forefinger.
And the third finger fits the light hollow of the tip; and a feeling of stable grip
I can obtain it.

It is the barrel which flies by the light throw with a thud.