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■Product specifications
Specifications data
Set weight
Max Dia
: 90% tungsten
: Approx 24.0 g
: 22.5 g
: 52.0mm
: 6.8mm
: 2BA
・Barrel ×1set (three)
・CONDOR flight ×1set (three)
・Tip ×1set (three)
■Product explanation
2018.01.20 release product

The slender hard puncher whom a grip is hit.
It is a super weight long straight barrel of barrel 22.5g in weight.

I make the double ring cut with the dot on a main grip,
I offer a strong snap sticking to a finger.
The constriction with the backward microring cut responds with a grip exquisitely.

Furthermore, I attach a step to the ring cut of the front desk and fix the middle finger well.
In spite of being a barrel straight thanks to front and backward invention as for 3-4 grips
A grip is fixed well.

The point that I can grip anywhere sensuously that is the merit of the straight barrel is the same,
It is the best for oneself in being able to show stable at weight of 22.5g even if I have where
It is a barrel in search of a grip point.