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【TRiNiDAD】 PRO Flores 2BA Shizuka Takagi player model

$115.00 AUD
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■Product specifications
Specifications data
Set weight
Max Dia
: 90% tungsten
: Approx 18.5 g
: 17.0 g
: 40.0mm
: 7.2mm
: 2BA
・Barrel ×1set (three)
・CONDOR flight ×1set (three)
・Tip ×1set (three)
■Product explanation
2017.08.05 release product

The first model of Shizuka Takagi who became the ranking first place in "PERFECT" in the girl year in 2016.
It is the one which is particular, and went in the grip part to raise operability.

I adopt grip part triple ring cut,
I taper it to be able to push a center of gravity.
Give the barrel rear swelling and do not come to slip off in the rear,
I place the hollow that can confirm a grip position in the center part.

By calculating the swelling of the central hollow, taper, rear, and locating it,
The settlement of the grip is very good, and power does not disperse and becomes the barrel having high operability.