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【TRiNiDAD】PRO Camacho 2BA Joji Nishitani player model

$115.00 AUD
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■Product specifications
Specifications data
Set weight
Max Dia
: 90% tungsten
: Approx 18.0 g
: 16.5 g
: 44.0mm
: 6.6mm
: 2BA
・Barrel ×1set (three)
・CONDOR flight ×1set (three)
・Tip ×1set (three)
■Product explanation
2018.02.24 release product

TRiNiDAD player, Joji Nishitani device.
In spite of being the specifications of the royal road straight barrel, it is the barrel which investigated control characteristics.

The first point is a semicircle dot cut of the barrel rear.
While sticking to it to jump to join in it without being about to be similar hard, and completely preventing the gap of the grip,
At the moment when a dart is separated from a hand, power reaches all directions well uniformly.

As it is the cut which power is transmitted through in a dart well, I keep the lightness of 16.5 g alive,
I come by bodily sensation to be prolonged like a paper airplane.

The play that there was hard to be influence in control even if a grip position slipped off to some extent, and was stable
It becomes the barrel supporting.