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【TRiNiDAD】 Ribborn dart case

$65.00 AUD

Once popular ' Ribbon ' Case is now re-made as ' Ribborn '  

Female dart case with a large capacity.  

All the essential items for female needs ( cosmetics, handkerchief, tissue, hand cream, Accessories ) can be stored.  

It can be used as a daily use.  

With attached waist belt, it can be used as a waist bag.  

Color variateion: 4 colors 

Black: Beige X Black 
White: Black X White 
Gray: Gray X Navy 
Pink : Pink X Gray  

Pass case can be taken out with a ball chain.  

Size: Approximately 175mm X 195mm X 50mm 
Color: Black, White, Gray, Pink 
Materials: PU 
Capacity: Upper zip pockets X 2, YADOKARI can be in front pocket              
                Rear Zip Pocket X 1, Pockets for a smart phone and cards X 2 

( Attachments)  
- Pass Case ( With a ball chain)  
- Belt