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【TRiNiDAD】 wingtip dart case

$65.00 AUD
■Product specifications
Specifications data
Material : Synthetic leather
Size (about) : H155mm X W83mm X D55mm
Storing summary
・Dart ×1set (three)
・Barrel or shaft ×1set (three)
・Tip slot ×6
・Card pocket ×3
・Multi-pocket ×1
・Billfold ×2
■Product explanation
Trinidadian dart case "Wingtip" renews it and appears again!

Leather single (tip) used for the leather change in the tiptoe of leather shoes with the wing tip,
It is the thing of the design such as wing (wing).
It is a dart case letting you feel a gentleman to be in the classical music which gets a hint from there, and was designed.

It is compact, but is stored the macroscale including a tip shaft, the barrel visually.
I can receive a bill, the small change neatly, too and make an outstanding performance as a wallet!
As CONDOR BOX "YADOKARI" is with it, I can carry a dart in a state of the complete protection.